AEROLEX Law Firm provides complete legal services for companies and individuals from Poland and abroad. The main specialisation of our law firm is aviation law.

Please read below to get a full picture of our range of services and possible methods of payment.




Aviation law is our forte. In this specialisation we provide legal advice to all companies and individuals associated with aviation. We have many years experience in helping customers with many of the legal issues which can arise in the world of aviation.

The services provided by AEROLEX Law Firm are flexible and comprehensive. When required we offer advice in other branches of law such as civil law, commercial law, labour law, administrative law, IT law nand family law.

The fundations of our services are an experienced team, involvement, a professional approach and the highest quality of work.



Payment methods

There is no set fee for any of our services. The fee will be determinated on a case by case basis depending on the amount of resources required to complete the case. In some situations there may even be possibility of a discount.

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The aviation is not only our specialisation – it is also our passion.